NKVR Luang Prabang

Each house is set privately in our lush tropical gardens overlooking the Nam Khan River. By purchasing old traditional Lao house and rebuilding them we feel we are saving a little heritage and the beautiful, seasoned, tropical woods these houses are constructed from. We hope we are also helping the environment by not cutting down more and more trees. After taking each house apart we transport them in the wet season by boat to the resort and put the pieces back together. Then refurbishing them with all modern comforts.

The word Ban means village in Lao. All our house are named after the village or Ban they came from. Our aim is to create a Lao style village with in our resort with style and comfort. Some houses are individual and others bigger are divided into two or three rooms.

All houses have ensuite bathrooms with modern facilities and European hot water systems. We offer the best quality king size mattresses, linen and bedding. A good night sleep is important.

Each house has traditional grass roofs, this breathes in all climates.
With the breeze from the Nam Khan River across your balcony only an overhead fan is needed.

Every house has a large, comfortable balcony overlooking the Nam Khan River.

All windows have mosquito net windows and all bed have large elegant mosquito nets if needed.

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"Ban Vieng Mai" Bungalow: (1 Double)

A newly built house based on the French Colonial Style.

Furbished in green colours it sits up looking through one of our ancient tamarind trees.
Looking through to the Nam Khan River you could be in a very comfortable tree house.
A bright, airy house with warm hard wood floors.

Price : L $50.00 - H $60.00*


"Ban Phanom" Bungalow: (1 Triple)

Our first old house to be purchased and reassembled.

This house comes from our neighbouring weaving village, just a 15 min. walk through a jungle track.
With so much character, this 35 year old Thai Lui construction of all hard woods has charm with its blue furnishings. A great location looking over our vegetable and herb gardens onto the river.

Price: L $60.00 - H $65.00*


"Ban Soulith" House: (3 Rooms All Doubles)

Our oldest house at present. This 70 yr old Thai Lu house comes from a village one and a half hours downstream on the Mekong River from Luang Prabang. With a long balcony of brilliant blue there are spectacular views of the River through the jungle and Bamboos.

We have divided it into three spacious, individual rooms. Each room has its own character and colour.
There is a lounging area underneath with hammocks and seating. A house of all beautiful woods.

Price: L $40.00 - H $50.00 each room*


"Ban Na" House: (2 Rooms both triples)

Our latest house construction.
This house comes from a small village of 50-60 houses in the Chompet district across the Mekong River.
A 40 yr old Thai Dan construction. This house has elegance and yet a homely feeling.

Ban Na has been divided into upstairs and downstairs. Both rooms are quiet and have large ensuites with bath/shower. Downstairs a little larger also has a seating, couch area.
A very light airy room. Upstairs is purely wood, warm and cosy.

Price: Downstairs: L $65.00 - H $75.00
Upstairs: L $65.00 - H $75.00*

Ban Antigua: a new Family house for 5 persons

3 rooms : 2 double, and 1 single. View on the Nam Khan River from the private balcony. 1 private bathroom.

2 Persons : L $65.00 - H $75.00
5 Persons : L $85.00 - H $105.00

* Prices : L = Low season between May 1st to September 30th
* Prices : H = High season between October 1st to April 30th

* All rooms include continental breakfast
* All rooms include all Taxes
* All room prices are double occupancy, except Ban Antigua.
* Airport transfer is available for $6 (1 to 6 people) and $15 (6 to 10).
* Laundry service is available
* Cots available for infants on request
* Credit Cards not accepted, yet.